Odin Works Dual Pop Up Lantern




This Dual Pop Up Lantern is the perfect lighting solution for any dark situation! Not only does it act as a bright COB LED lantern, but it also doubles as a flashlight. The handle can be attached to the top or to the side of the body so that you can hang it or hold it upright as a lantern to light up a surrounding area or carry it and direct the light in a specific direction. Keep it with you for emergency situations or for your favorite night-time outdoor activity!

  • Each lantern features 3 extra-bright, white COB light strips
  • Lantern and Flashlight combo
  • To control the brightness, simply slide the lantern up and down.
  • Light automatically shines when lantern is opened, and will turn off when closed.
  • To turn on flashlight, simply press the On/Off button near the handle to activate.
  • Complete with 3 AA batteries and a removable, flip-up carrying handle.
  • Size: 5-5/8″ x 3-1/2″.


Price: $7.50


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