M-LOK to Arca Rail (Odin Works)


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The ARCA rail was designed to give you the flexibility and ease of use that you need for mounting your rifle. This rail system is commonly used for mounting Arca Swiss style tri-pods but it also can be used with Arca Swiss style bi-pods too, making tri-pods and bi-pods easy to switch back and forth between. We’ve all been there, having to take off a bi-pod mount and switch to a tri-pod mount at the most inconvenient time. Now, the ARCA rail system is your all in one solution to mounting your rifle, no hassles guaranteed.

We offer 2 lengths of the ARCA rail, and we’re confident you will find the right solution that you need. The ARCA Rail allows for Arca Swiss quick release attachments, and depending on your needs you can pick either the 4″ or the 9″ rail. Many shooters use the 9″ rail so they can be mounted by tri-pod at the base of their forend against the mag well, and also have a bi-pod attached on the furthest end closest to the muzzle. The 4″ rail is a great solution for if you have other accessories and attachments on your rail and need to take up minimal space.

Extra cuts are made for mounting clearance, weight reduction, and to give the rails a styled look. The ARCA rail is compatible with any M-Lok rail and is machined from billet 6061 aluminum and is hard anodized. If you’ve been looking for the best tri-pod or bi-pod mounting system for your AR, the search for both is over.



  • M-LOK to Arca
  • Lightweight design
  • 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Black Hard Anodized
Price: $49.00


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