25×45 Sharps Stainless Steel EV-5 Bolt Action Barrels


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Solid color. Custom patterns available at additional charge depending on request. Specify in order notes.

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The EV-5 rifling combines the superior sealing and ease of cleaning attributed to true polygonal rifling, with the positive bullet contact of traditional rifling to deliver truly impressive performance. Select between Remington Model 700, Savage Small Shank, and Savage Large Shank actions.


* 416 R Stainless Steel
* 5 Land Hybrid Rifling
* Higher Velocities
* Extreme Accuracy
* Longer Shots
* Less Bullet Deformation so you will see less in-flight bullet drag
* Better Bullet sealing for higher velocities and more consistent shots
* Easier Cleaning
* Fast Brake-In
* Less Maintenance
* Longer Barrel Life



Price: $374.00

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